About Us

About Us

Fontsplace is home to some of the newest and most popular fonts in the world. Browse our range of free and premium fonts that cover all of your design needs.

Started in 2011 Fontsplace has been helping designers and enthusiasts find that perfect font for over a decade.

Fonts We Use:

We thought it would be fun as a website about Fonts that we let you guys know the fonts we decided to use on the design of our own website.

Logo: For the logo we decided to go with a customized Sans Serif font. Our designers extended the letter “F” and “n” to come up with the fun design you see above.

Website text: For our general website text we went with Arial. We wanted something easy to read and available on all browsers and Arial does the job perfectly.

Future Goals:

In the future we want to continue adding fonts that our users enjoy allowing our website to continue to grow and prosper into the future. We now have over 2000 fonts available free of charge and we’re constantly adding more.

Submit A Font:

If you’ve designed your own font and want to see it listed on here for everyone to use please head to our submit a font page and follow the instructions.