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Helvetica was designed in 1957 by Swiss designer Max Miedinger. Its popularity exploded through the 1950’s and has since become one of the most used typefaces in the world. Since that time a large number of variants have been created changing its height, weight, spacing etc. Helvetica Bold is one such variation of the standard Helvetica font.

Helvetica / Bold font family.

This font download covers the full spectrum of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. You can see the Helvetica Bold font characters below:

See the Helvetica Bold free font download characters

Helvetica is one of the most popular fonts in the world and its bold font has a number of uses. If you’re looking to download a copy you’ve come to the right place. Click the button below and you’ll be ready to use Helvetica Bold in a matter of seconds.

What Is Helvetica Bold:

Helvetica Bold is a variation of the standard Helvetica font developed by Swiss designer Max Miedinger in 1957. The bold font still features the main Helvetica components like tight spacing and a tall x-height it just features a higher weight (more bold) than the standard font.

Problems With Helvetica:

While Helvetica is a great all round font there are some drawbacks. The main drawback is its overuse. With its widespread popularity people have become somewhat desensitized to the font so it does not catch the eye or stand out like other fonts. Arial is another popular font and it looks incredibly similar to Helvetica so this effect is increased even more so.

The font is also not very readable in small sizes (the letters begin to blend). This means it is not a good choice for the body of text in either print or online versions.

What Fonts Are Closest To Helvetica:

If you like the design of Helvetica but are looking for something a little less common you have a number of good choices. Due to Helvetica’s popularity for nearly 70 years hundreds of similar fonts have been designed and created with similar styles. Here are some that we recommend:

  • Akzidenz Grotesk
  • Neue Haas Grotesk
  • Univers
  • Aktiv Grotesk
  • FF Bau
  • ARS Maquette
  • Proxima Nova
  • National
  • Brandon Grotesque
  • Slate
  • VISIA Pro
  • Noirden Sans
  • Exensa Grotesk
  • Noveltica Nova Pro
  • Lorin
  • AS Grammatika
  • Neue Fofi
  • Herz
  • CA Saygon Text
  • Hamlin
  • Grotte
  • SOLO
  • Config

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